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Insect and rot attack in wood - treatments





Insect and rot attack in wood - repairs



Repairs to wood, concrete, brick, stone, asphalt


Damp and Mold treatments









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Below Damp Proof Course Damp - explaining the causes

Cavity Wall Damp - why it occurs and how to stop it

Chimney Breast Damp - causes and cures

Anti Bacterial Paint Additive - for oil and water based paints

Anti Bacterial Additive - a concentrate to add to paints for kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and showers

Boron based treatments - for woodworm and rot

Boron in water - Boron liquids for woodworm and dry rot treatments

Boron in glycol - Boron based pastes, gels, Boracols, for woodworm dry rot and mold treatments

Boron solid Rods - what is a Boron Rod, what is it used for?

How Much Boron do you need? - a guide to consumption of Boron treatments for typical houses

Sprayers & Accessories - for all water based Boron spraying

Brake Roller Re-gritting Resin Kits - for re-gritting MOT Brake Test Rollers and Potato Peeler Drums

MOT Brake Roller Resin and Grit - refurbishment kit for rollers - for re-gritting MOT Brake Test Rollers and Potato Peeler Drums

Consultancy - help and advice from our qualified Remedial Surveyors

Consult our Surveyors - about our service and fees

Damp treatments - silicone cream injection

NEW - One Shot Measured Dose damp proofing - damp proofing injection using a fixed dose skeleton gun

Damp Proofing Injection - damp proofing cream, no hazards, no smell, easy to inject

Electro Osmosis Damp Proofing - for very thick walls, where cream would be difficult to inject

Damp Proofing Membranes - for damp or salty walls

Tanking Coating - for below ground walls

Replastering - after the insertion of a damp proofing cream

Replastering Paint - for all new plaster, because it breathes

Stain and Damp Seal Paint - to stop old damp stains from grinning through new paint

Villa Damp - solve typical problems in European properties - European villa damp problems and their solutions

Diagnosis of Damp - how to find out what type of damp you have

Tests for Damp - test your own damp patches - most damp is not natural rising damp

Damp Meters - types and uses of battery powered meters

Cavity Wall Damp - what causes damp in a wall cavity?

Deck treatments - clean and protect decking

Deck Treatments - how to keep wooden decks clean

Yacht and Boat Treatments - Boracol liquids to keep teak decks clean

Caravan Decking Treatment - caravan park deck treatments

Yacht Decks, Yacht Ropes, Sails, Covers - Boracol treatment to remove mold and slime

Fence Posts and Deck Supports - Post Saver Treatment - how to stop fence posts rotting

Fence and Shed Treatments - stop water, insects and rot from damaging fencing

Patio, Brick, Stone, Slab, Concrete Water Repellent Treatments - patio treatments

Decking and Fence Panel Fire Treatment - clear Fire Treatment for wood

Dry Rot - identification and treatment

Treat Dry Rot in Masonry - Boron based treatment in water

Treat Dry Rot in Timber - Boron based Gel, Paste and Rods

Prevent Dry Rot from spreading - Dry Rot Barrier Paint

Diagnose Dry Rot - detector sticks that change colour

How much Boron Product - guide to usage rates

Dry Rot Shop - buy Boron treatments

Epoxy Resins - resins for building repair

Injection Resins - epoxy gels, fast and slow setting

Injectors - bang-in plastic injection ports fitted with one-way valves

Pouring Resins - epoxy liquids, thick and thin, self leveling

Clear Resins - thin epoxy liquids for sealing & priming

Crack Filling Resins - epoxy gels and cement based grouts

Crack Stitching Bars - stainless steel or epoxy glass bars

Mouldable Putty Filler - epoxy putty for hole filling

Primer and Consolidating Resin - clear epoxy liquid for soaking into porous materials

Flooring Adhesive - epoxy paste for bonding flooring tiles

Brick Adhesive - epoxy paste for bonding bricks

Anchor Resins - epoxy paste for bonding bars, studs and bolts

Bars - steel, stainless steel and epoxy/glass

Pond and Pool Repair Resins - epoxy resin to repair cracks in pool walls and floors

Wood Fillers - for holes, cracks and splits

Window Frame Repair Resin - resin for filling and resurfacing window frames

Cartridges - to fill with resins

Syringes - with or without needles, for fine crack injection

Colouring Pigments - powders and liquids

Tools - skeleton guns, mixers, gloves

Fire Fabrics - fire and heat resistant fabrics as barriers, welding blankets, dividers

Fire Barrier Fabrics - insulate against Fire, Heat and Smoke

Ceiling and Floor Protection - Fire Fabric inside suspended floors

Fire Fabric Boxes - covers, shields

Compartmentation - use Fire Fabrics to divide spaces

Cavity Barriers - use Ultralight Fire Fabrics to divide spaces

Welding protection - Weld Stop Fabrics to catch sparks and molten metal

Downlighter Protection - fabric covers for ceiling mounted spotlights

Fire Retardant Paints - paint or varnish wood, plaster, masonry and steel to protect in a fire

How to choose a Fire Paint - their uses, how and where to use

Intumescent Paints - the base layers that expand in a fire

Clear Fire Varnish - clear Intumescent and top coat varnishes

Fire Certificates - Class 1 and Class O, 30 and 60 minutes

Fire Paint Colour Charts - click to see RAL and BS Charts

Steel Fire Protection - industrial units, loft conversions, mezzanine floors

Fire Door Upgrades - upgrading ordinary solid wood doors to 30 Minutes of fire resistance

Doors - upgrade to Fire Doors - paint or varnish to upgrade to FD30

Fire Resistance - Guidance Notes on upgrading Doors

Fire Protection in Loft Conversions - fire doors

Fire Standards - British and European Fire Standards, how to reach them with paint and varnish

Class 1 and Class O - surface spread of flame fire coatings

30 Minutes and 60 Minutes - penetration resistant fire coatings

BSEN - European Fire Standards

BS476 - UK Fire Standards

Fire Retardant for Bare Wood - a clear soak in coating, where natural wood appearance is required

Clear Wood Fire Treatment - UltraFire for Class 1 and Class O, Euro Class B, surface protection

Glulam Beam Repair kits - new sections to fit rotted Glulam beams in situ

Glulam Beam Repairs - preserve, stop rot, replace Glulam sections

Supply Glulam Beams - made to measure, including curves and part sections in Pine, Larch, Douglas Fir and Oak

Heat Resistant Paints - heat resisting finishes in paint or varnish for plaster, concrete, wood or most metals

Heat Resistant Paints - for fireplace surrounds, stoves and pipes

Heat Resistant Varnish - clear finish for fireplace surrounds

Joinery Manufacturing - cutting, gluing, machining, wood CNC

Woodworking - manufacture of wooden beams and arches

Joist Repair Kits - metal plates for repairing rotted wooden joists

Joist End Repair Plates - kit replaces bearing ends, prices

Joist End Repair Plates - drawings and specification

Joist Splice Plates - kit joins joists to new lengths of timber, prices

Joist Repair - how to use plates, step by step

Joist & Beam Manufacture - we make new joists to size

Laminating Wood - lamination service, any shape

Laminating - manufacture of laminated beams and repair sections

Machining Wood - CNC wood cutting to any shape

Machining wood - call us in the Woodworking Machine Shop on 01626 872886 to discuss your project

Membranes - for damp walls and floors, cellars and basements

Damp Proofing using Membranes - quick summary of damp proofing membranes

Cellar & Basement Conversion - how to change cellars and basements into living accommodating

Damp Proofing Walls - how damp proofing is carried out

Wet Room and Shower waterproofing - use of waterproof membranes in wet rooms

Dry Lining - how to dry line a room using membrane

External Foundation Waterproofing - waterproof membrane and liquid coatings provide double protection

Membranes for Tanking - what is 'tanking' and how do you install it?

Waterproofing walls and floors - damp or wet, floors and walls can be made dry using membranes

Installation Tips for Mesh Membranes - our hints to make Mesh Membrane installation easy

Installation Tips for Kontract Membranes - our hints to make non Mesh Membrane installation easy

What is Tanking? - the definition of true 'tanking' and its variations

Typical Membrane Kit Prices - Damp Fixing Kits made to measure for your room

Metal Plates and Brackets - fabricated 'shoes' and brackets for wooden beams

Metal Fabrication - shoes and brackets for building repair

Rust prevention coating - stops rust on metal without removing the rust itself

Rust Cure - seal rust permanently

Steel Fire Protection Paints - free calculation and specification service

Steel Fire Protection - industrial units, loft conversions, mezzanine floors

Timber Repair - how to repair rot in structural beams without removing them

Beams - how to repair rotted wooden beams

Roof Beams - how to fix broken roof timbers

Timber frames - how to replace frame sections and fill holes in frames

Window frames - resin repair of rotted window frames

Structural Injection Resins

Rods and connectors

Tools and accessories

Tool Hire

Woodworm Forum - your Q & A Website for all woodworm treatment questions

What is an ordinary Woodworm - identify the main UK wood boring insect, the so-called Common Furniture Beetle

Woodworm Holes - what are woodworm holes for and what makes them?

Woodworm Bore Dust - what is woodworm dust made from?

Woodworm Eggs - where are woodworm eggs laid?

Can Woodworm fly? - woodworm have wings, but do all of them use them? How can you tell?

Roof with Woodworm - how can a Building Surveyor know that there is active woodworm in your loft?

Why Treat Woodworm? - what is the point of woodworm treatment?

Woodworm Treatment to painted or varnished surfaces - does it work? - do woodworm treatments penetrate coatings?

Spread of woodworm - can it infest nearby furniture, floorboards etc.? - how much risk is there of woodworm attack?

Chemical Woodworm Treatments - what they actually do? - how do woodworm chemicals kill the woodworm?

Safety of Woodworm Treatments - chemicals and their hazards - what are the hazards of woodworm chemicals?

How much Woodworm treatment will I need? - a woodworm treatment consumption guide for average houses

Non Chemical Woodworm treatments - heat, cold, inert gas - what will kill woodworm apart from chemicals?

Death Watch Beetle - identify and treat - how to find and then treat Death Watch Beetle

House Longhorn - look for large, oval holes, call us for free identification help

Art and Books - special woodworm treatments - use non-chemical methods to avoid damage to precious things

Repair Woodworm Damage - structural resin repairs using epoxy resins

Fire Retardant Treatments - woodworm treatments and fire - improve your fire resistance whilst treating for woodworm

Woodworm Treatments - woodworm killer liquids, gels and pastes

How much woodworm treatment will I need? - a quick woodworm fluid guide, for average houses

Buy Woodworm Treatment - buy direct or ask us for woodworm treatment help

Types of treatments - the uses of the woodworm treatment Boron based product range

Woodworm in Furniture Treatment - wax, spray inject, gel in a Furniture Treatment Kit for woodworm

Death Watch Beetle Treatment - buy direct, or ask us for Death Watch Beetle help

Injectors for Death Watch Beetle Treatment - easy injection of Death Watch Beetle treatment from a syringe

House Longhorn Treatment - call us for House Longhorn Beetle identification and treatment advice

Injectors for House Longhorn Beetle Treatment - easy injection of House Longhorn Beetle treatment from a syringe

Woodworm Sprayers & Accessories - for all water based woodworm treatment spraying equipment

Woodworm Treatment Technical and Safety - our Boron based products are very safe

Boron in Woodworm Treatment Products - History - a success story since the 1880's

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