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Cavity Barrier Fabric - 30 minutes of integrity, 15 minutes of heat insulation

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Our Cavity Fire Fabric is an ultra lightweight Fire Resistant woven multi layered material that is both fire proof and heat insulating. It can be installed as a cavity fire stopping barrier in place of heavier traditional 'wool' type products. Complies with BS 476: parts 20/22.

Our Fire Fabrics are fully tested and UK IFC Certificated for flame, smoke and insulation. They can be supplied as fire curtains or supplied on rolls for the erection of vertical fire compartments within voids in buildings.

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What is our Cavity Fire Barrier material?

An IFC Certified ultra lightweight 6.5mm x 3 layer fire fabric designed to provide vertical compartmentation in roof and floor cavities and concealed spaces as detailed in UK Building Regulations: Approved Document B (Fire Safety).

Main benefits

Ultra low weight when compared with 'wool' type competitors, which leads to multiple large cost savings

1. Ease of handling by one man because of low roll weight (only 10.41kgs -' wool' typically weighs 22kgs or more)
2. Can pass through a standard roof hatch (only 300mm in diameter - wool typically over 600mm in diameter)
3. Low cost, lightweight steel fixings (only inexpensive 25mm x 50mm lightweight BZP angle required)


Typical uses - vertical division of commercial and domestic roof and floor voids, to protect voids and create cavity fire break compartments

A woven fabric, supplied on rolls - multi layer, white, 1.3 metres wide, 6 metres long.

Ultralight Vertical - 30 Minutes Fire Resistance, 15 minutes Heat Insulation - 6.5 mm thick, 1.334 kgs/m2, 7.8m2 per pack weighing 10.41kg.

Cavity Fire Barrier Fabrics Prices, Discounts and Delivery: call 01626 872886 for full details

Prices - on application when we create your free Specification

Discounts and Trade Sales - call us for details of our Order Value Discounts

Delivery - by Courier Sameday service at cost, or free 3 to 4 working day delivery from our nearest Depot

Suitable For:

1. Fire protection above ceilings and between floors

2. Fire, smoke and heat protection above suspended ceilings

3. Fire, smoke and heat protection of voids

Speak to us : for free help and immediate pricing - Tel: 01626 872886

Covered by our Fire Certificate of Supply

Tested by IFC: non combustible fire barrier for 30 minutes of integrity and 15 minutes of insulation. to comply with Building Regulations

Colours: white

Finishes: woven, matt surfaces

Non hazardous fibres: > 6 micron (classified non-respirable)

Thickness: 6.5mm

Weight: 1.334kgs per square metre, 10.41kgs per roll

Size: 1.3m wide x 6m long

TEST STANDARDS - there are three relevant fire test standards

Test Specification

Must comply with BS 476: parts 20/22

Non combustible

This material will not burn, so exceeds UK Standards Class 1 and O, Euro Standard Class B


To comply the material must remain intact for at least 30 minutes - Certified by IFC

Heat Insulation

To comply the materials must not exceed an external surface temperature of 140C after 15 minutes, with a furnace temperature of 750C to 850C 6mm away on the reverse side - Certified by IFC

CERTIFICATION - why you will need our Certificate of Supply

A Fire Certificate of Supply can be issued for each Project. This is essential if you have to satisfy your Insurers, the Fire and Building Control Authority and for Client Records. Without a Fire Certificate of Supply you may be vulnerable to prosecution in the event of a fire. We cannot issue a Certificate of Supply if we have not produced a Specification in the first place, so please do not buy paints without asking for a Specification.

Free Advice - we supply free specifications and product quotations

Speak directly to us about your Fire Retardant needs: 01626 872886

Please do not take a risk and simply buy products without a clear specification from an expert. You may not be able to obtain a Fire Certificate of Supply in those circumstances.

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We offer a range of Fire Fabrics to cover ratings up to 120 Minutes Smoke, Flame and Heat Insulation

We also supply Fire Paints, Fire Varnishes and Steel Protection Paints..

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