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Weld Stop Fire Fabric is a Fire Resistant woven curtain material that is both fire proof and heat insulating. It can be installed as a weld stopping barrier curtain, or as a weld protection cover, or in the form of a weld protection box.

Our Weld Stop Fabrics are fully tested and UK Certificated for flame, smoke and insulation. They can be supplied as fire curtains or supplied on rolls for the erection of welding booths.

Call us on 01626 872886 for exact costings for materials for fire stopping.

Q. What is Weld Stop Fire Barrier?

A. It is a thick, woven Fabric that will stop weld splatter and sparks from causing a fire.

Welding steel with our Weld Stop Fabric beneath, catching the molten metal and sparks

Weld metal dropping as molten blobs into Weld Stop Fabric


Third Party Certified for both VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL applications. Fully tested to all relevant British Standards

Typical uses - welding work carried out in workshops, engineering works, on site in vehicles or buildings, on ships and in dockyards

A woven fabric, supplied on rolls - multi layer,brown, 1 metre wide, 25 metres long.

Welding sparks being deflected by Weld Stop Fabric

Welding sparks and molten metal drop onto Weld Stopping Fabric


Types of fabrics available for Weld and Spark stopping:

GKPF Heavyweight Range - for metal droplet splash

Heavy Duty 2006 - heavy metal splash - colour Brown - rated up to 1500 degrees C, weight 2600 grams per square metre

Medium Duty 1306 - average metal splash - colour mid Brown - rated up to 1500 degrees C, weight 1450 grams per square metre

Light Duty 906 - low level metal splash - colour light Brown - rated up to 1500 degrees C, weight 1000 grams per square metre

EKC Lightweight Range - for spark containment and surface protection

White 622 - rated up to 400 degrees C, weight 800 grams per square metre

Green 625 - anti glare colour - rated up to 400 degrees C, weight 560 grams per square metre

Blue 621 - anti glare colour -rated up to 400 degrees C, weight 830 grams per square metre

Please consult us for your application - we give free advice on all Weld and Spark Stop jobs - 01626 872886

Weld Stop Fabric Prices, Discounts and Delivery: call 01626 872886 for full details

Prices - on application

Discounts and Trade Sales - call us for details

Delivery - Same day despatch, Next Day Service, UK Mainland - from £10 plus VAT, per roll.

Suitable For:

1. Fire Protection during welding operations inside workshops or on Sites

2. Spark protection during metal grinding or metal cutting operations

3. Molten metal protection from welding operations

4. Protection of ducting and services voids during welding and grinding

5. Weld spark and molten metal blob protection in ships

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