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Product - Bower Beam Joist End Repair Plates

Thank you for your prompt delivery

I have fitted the Bower Beams and now have a stable floor.

The product was simple to fit, well engineered and a cost effective way to repair faulty joists with minimal disruption to the existing floor.

If I have any other timber problems you will be my first port of call, and I will recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

Thanks again,

John Dodd

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Product - Damp Proofing

I am writing to you following use of your products last September. I have just returned from visiting my holiday cottage which has been empty all winter since carrying out the work recommended by you. Normally when I go down in the spring I have to redecorate the rear bedroom and when I put the dehumidifier on I get 5 litres of water out every 24hrs. This year I returned to find no black mould on the walls and when I used the dehumidifier I got a teaspoon of water out in 24 hrs. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product and the time you took originally to listen to my problem and for the advice given.



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Product - Damp Proofing

Thank you for the DPC injection kit I purchased. This is the first time I have used your product but will certainly recommend it to anyone.

I could not believe how easy it was to use and how quickly I got the job done. I now wonder how some companies could have quoted high figures such as £460.00 + VAT to complete a job which took me (a novice) only 1 hour to finish. Once again, thank you very much.

Best regards,

Paul Wright - Finance.

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Product - Timber Repair Resin for a split in a Purlin

Thank you for your email. What a superb product! I followed your step by step guide and the split went back together perfectly.

I will definitely use this system again and if the need arises will consult you for timber splicing.

Thank you once again.

Very happy customer.

Phil Walker

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Product - Crack Repair Injection Kit

Good afternoon,

I am very pleased with the result of your tile crack injection kit I only used half of the same and am wondering how long the same will keep if I don't mix it could you tell me please?

Best regards, Richard

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Product - Dampness Advice

You're a genius.....even though I was sceptical, as you suggested we opened the inspection chamber and carried out a leak test. It was astonishing, as the water escaped from the soil pipe at a great rate, with none running past the bung. After opening up the boxing of the stack and a little digging around, there was a large puddle evident.

The client is now on to their insurer!

Brilliant advice, thanks a million.



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Product - Epoxy Repair to Cracked Granite

Please find some photos attached as requested. There wasn't any time once we got going to take photos of the epoxy application, but I hope the images give you an idea of where we started and where we finished. Very happy with the end result and with both your product and service.

Many Thanks


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