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Fire fabric ceilings explained in plain English

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Fire Proof Ceilings and Floors - fire fabric insulation placed inside the floor above a ceiling between the timber joists to provide a fire proof barrier.

1 Hour Fire Rated Ceiling and Floor insulation fabric - easily fixed inside the floor void to protect the floor from smoke, flames and heat. Multi layered fire fabrics in various UK Certificated time ratings, up to 60 Minutes.

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Fire Proof Ceiling Fabric - laid between wooden joists

These fire proofing fabric linings will stop fire, smoke and heat from penetrating for up to 60 minutes, to protect the floor, flat, shop or office above.

In Listed Buildings, Commercial Property and in some domestic situations it is a legal requirement to provide a fire proofing barrier between floor levels. However, in many cases lath and plaster or ornate mouldings prevent replacement or over boarding of the ceiling itself, so the insertion of a Fire Fabric barrier from above is the only option.

Fire proof fabric laid on a ceiling between timber joists

In traditional ceilings, where the existing plaster or lath and plaster ceiling does not qualify as tested a fire proof barrier, a Fire Fabric ceiling can be inserted into the spaces between the timber joists, turned up 100mm on the joist sides and clamped in place using our lightweight galvanized steel 50mm x 25mm angle, which is screw fixed at 250mm centres.

Suspended Ceiling fire fabric protection

In suspended ceilings, where the existing ceiling does not qualify, a Fire Fabric ceiling can be inserted into the void, but will require the use of our lightweight galvanized steel channel for support.

Smoke, Flame and Heat Barrier Fabrics

Third Party Certified for both VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL applications. Fully tested to all relevant British Standards

Typical uses - roof voids, fixed onto trusses as a fire and heat stop barrier, or to divide services tunnels and ducts into compartments.

Smoke and Flame only

Woven, single layer fabric, supplied on rolls - white, woven fabric, 1.3 metres wide, 25 metres long.

120 Minutes Fire Resistance, zero minutes Heat Insulation - nominal 0.45mm thick, 0.5kgs/m2, 32.5m2 per pack, 16.25kgs/roll

Smoke, Flame and Heat Insulation

Woven, multi layered fabric, supplied on rolls - white, outer woven fabric both sides, 1.3 metres wide, 6 metres long.

30 Minutes Fire Resistance, 30 minutes Heat Insulation - nominal 7mm thick, 1.9kgs/m2, 7.8m2 per pack, 14.82kgs/roll

60 Minutes Fire Resistance, 30 minutes Heat Insulation - nominal 7mm thick, 1.9 kgs/m2, 7.8m2 per pack, 14.82kgs/roll

90 Minutes Fire Resistance, 60 minutes Heat Insulation - nominal 18mm thick, 3.74 kgs/m2, 7.8m2 per pack, 29.17kgs/roll

Fire Insulation Fabric - heat, flame, smoke and sound protection

Uncompressed Fire Fabric - the 18mm 90/60 Minute fabric can be cut, formed into most shapes and sizes.

It is easily folded and creased to sit in between joists.

Insulated Loft Hatch - Fire Fabric fire compartment

Insulated Loft Door in a fire fabric vertical barrier,

designed to separate fire compartments that are frequently accessed.

Fire Collars and Fire Collar Rolls

Where services - like pipes and wires - or structural components - like joists or struts - pass through a barrier or fire wall add Fire Collars.

Third Party Certified for both VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL applications. Fully tested to all relevant British Standards

Typical uses - warehouse or house trusses, as a fire stop, protection of cables or pipes passing through a Fire Barrier.

A woven fabric, supplied on rolls - green, 1 metre wide in 10 metre lengths.

60 Minutes Fire Resistance - nominal 1.3 mm thick, 900 grams/m2.

Fire collars for steel passing through a fire barrier

Fire Collars protecting steel through a Fire Barrier.

Passive Fire Barrier Fabrics: call us on 01626 872886 .

Passive Cavity Fire Barriers were developed primarily for the Building Industry as a flexible, lightweight and easy to install solution to all compartmentalization requirements, to replace the traditional “mineral fibre” type fire barriers. Lightweight, woven fire barriers are easy to install and pose no handling or health hazards to the installers or building occupiers.

These passive fire protection barriers were then developed into Marine Fire Insulation products for ships. The woven fire, heat and smoke barrier fabrics are easily fitted and shaped to awkward ships bulkheads and passageways, insulating steel parts and ducting from heat.

Fire Fabric Downlighter cover in Fire FabricLoud Speaker fire fabric cover for a ceiling - 60 minutes protection

Fire Fabrics formed into boxes and covers. These can be inserted into floor voids over speakers, downlighters, for example.

Prices, Discounts and Delivery: call 01626 872886 for full details

Prices - on application

Discounts and Trade Sales - call us for details

Delivery - Same day dispatch, one to three day Service, UK Mainland - from £10 plus VAT, per roll. Orders over £500 delivered free of charge to the UK Mainland and non Highland Postcodes.

Suitable For:

1. Fire Protection of wooden floors, lath and plaster ceilings and loft conversion floors and ceilings.

2. Fire and smoke protection of paneling, cladding and floors.

3. Fire, smoke and heat protection of steel and other metals.

4. Protection of ducting and services voids and passageways.

5. Protection of Hotels, Flats and B&B loft hatches, cupboard and storeroom doors.

6. Fire Protection of Exhibition Stands, Shopping Centre Kiosks, Night Club Bars, Restaurant Bars, Shop Fixtures, Shop Shelving.

7. Listed Building Fire protection - retain plaster ceilings and cornices - line the inside of the ceiling void.

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Fire Certificate of Supply

Certificates for: Class O and Class 1, 30 minutes and 60 minutes minutes smoke, flame and heat insulation.

Colours: generally white

Finishes: matt

TEST STANDARDS - there are three relevant fire test standards

Class 1 - requires no surface spread of flame.

This is the Standard normally required for walls and ceilings.

Class 0 - is an additional level of protection for walls or ceilings where limited combustibility is required in high-risk areas, such as escape routes.

To comply materials must have a Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame and low fire propagation index in accordance with BS 476 Part 6. This test checks that the coating does not add to the heat or intensity of the fire.

Fire Penetration Resistance - 30 minutes to 120 minutes.

Passive Fire Barrier fabrics or Intumescent Coatings are used to prevent the penetration of fire through a structure for a specific period in accordance with BS 476 Parts 20 - 23 1987. Such coatings are given classifications for specific periods of time, such as "30 minutes". Fabrics and Intumescent systems are available for protecting structural timbers, steel and plasterwork (including plastered and plaster boarded walls and ceilings).

CERTIFICATION - why you will need our Certificate of Supply

A Fire Certificate of Supply can be issued for each Project. This is essential if you have to satisfy your Insurers, the Fire and Building Control Authority and for Client Records. Without a Fire Certificate of Supply you may be vulnerable to prosecution in the event of a fire. We cannot issue a Certificate of Supply if we have not produced a Specification in the first place, so please do not buy paints without asking for a Specification.

Free Advice - we supply free specifications and product quotations

Speak directly to us about your Fire Retardant needs: 01626 872886

Please do not take a risk and simply buy products without a clear specification from an expert. You may not be able to obtain a Fire Certificate of Supply in those circumstances.

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