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Over painting using Fire Retardant Wall & Ceiling Fire Paints

BS476 Part 7 and BS476 Part 6.

We can save you money and time by supplying Fire Retardant Paint that will cover existing paint, in order to meet the Fire Regulations. Just call us or us on 01626 872886 for instant help and advice.

Colour Chart Click Here.

Benefits of painting over old paint: cover up old paint with our intumescent paints and water based top coats

* water based, does not react with old paints underneath

* no smell, so excellent for occupied or communal areas

* no solvents, so not flammable

* thin coats, allowing a good standard of surface finish

* no vapour, no nuisance to neighbours or occupants


The most Frequent Request for '30 Minutes' Wall or Ceiling Protection - over existing paint on plasterboard

Apply Intumescent Wall & Ceiling Paint - one 2.5 litre pack will cover 25 square metres per coat.

And then Apply Flame Paint Finish - one 2.5 litre pack will cover 20 square metres per coat.

Example - painted plasterboard with one coat of Intumescent Wallcoat at 10 square metres per litre, and two coats of Flame Paint finish at 8 square metres per litre. The Flame Paint finish is available in BS and RAL colours and a choice of finishes.

Order - Intumescent Wall & Ceiling Paint 2.5kg and Flame Paint 2.5 litres - click here to go to the Fire Shop

Our unique Fire Retardant Certification Offer

Give us your Fire Paint or Fire Varnish area dimensions and you can have by telephone, fax or E Mail:

- an instant fixed price Quotation to include a Fire Certificate of Supply, Delivery and detailed Specification

- a Building Inspector ready document set, with Data Sheet, for his or her approval

- free product support by telephone before, during and after application, to ensure that you meet the Fire Regulations

Don't get caught out by just buying any old Fire Paint or Fire Varnish - use our Free Service and get it right first time.

What Fire Paint to Buy for Walls and Ceilings: click USES to determine the number of coats,

or call us on 01626 872886 .

For a colour finish: Class 1 and Class O Standard. Colour Chart Click Here.

Intumescent Wall & Ceiling Paint - apply 1 - 4 coats, or according to the Fire Standard required by your Building Inspector.

Flame Paint Finish - apply 1 to 2 coats, according to durability - indoors/outdoors, high/low wear finish required.

Typical Coverage for Fire Painting Walls and Ceilings: click SHOP to see the details

For a colour finish: Colour Chart Click Here.

Intumescent Wall & Ceiling Paint - 10 square metres per litre, 25 square metres per 2.5 litre pack.

Flame Paint Finish - 8 square metres per litre, 20 square metres per 2.5 litre pack.

Prices, Discounts and Delivery: call 01626 872886 for full details

Prices - some prices are lower than given above when purchased in larger pack sizes, see SHOP to see the details

Discounts and Trade Sales - call us for details

Delivery - Same day despatch, Next Day Service, UK Mainland - £10 plus VAT

Wall and Ceiling Fire Paints Suitable for:

1. Walls and Ceilings covered in Softwoods, Hardwoods, MDF, Chipboard, Melamine faced sheet, Bamboo, Particle Board.

2. Interior and Exterior Walls: Fire Retardent products for doors, decking, bar-tops, panelling, cladding and floors.

3. Fire Painting over existing Painted surfaces, Varnished, Stained and Unpainted surfaces.

4. Fire painting over Clear finishes, White Finishes or Coloured Finishes.

5. Fire Painting walls and ceilings in Flats, Offices, Warehouses, Loft Conversions, Hotels, Industrial Units and Mezzanine Floors

6. Fire Painting Exhibition Stands, Shopping Centre Kiosks, Night Club Bars, Restaurant Bars, Shop Fixtures, Shop Shelving.



Some inherently non-combustible surfaces, such as plasterboard and brick, can become a potential fire hazard due to repeated redecoration with conventional paints.

Different paint types from a variety of manufacturers will have been generally used over many years, with varying degrees of preparation. In a fire thick layers of old paint tend to delaminate rapidly, catching and spreading fire around a building. In extreme cases a lethal 'flash-over' fireball effect is created. The resultant risk to life and property can be greatly reduced at minimum cost using a combination of Intumescent Wall and Ceiling Paint, an insulating "intumescent" barrier coating, and Flame Paint, a hard top coat.

Intumescent Wall and Ceiling Paint is an intumescent undercoat for application to previously painted plaster, Artex, board, brick and concrete walls and ceilings. Overcoated with Flame Paint it insulates old paint films from fire, controlling the spread of flames along walls and ceilings.


When exposed to a fire Intumescent Wall and Ceiling Paint expands to create a fire resilient barrier, insulating and protecting the Wall and Ceiling surfaces from heat and the oxygen required for fire.


Prepare surfaces and apply Intumescent Wall and Ceiling Paint to Class 1 and Class 0.

Apply Flame Paint (in matt, gloss, eggshell, vinyl silk or metallic finish) according to Manufacturer's instructions.


Tested to BS476 Part 7; Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame and European Standard BS EN Class B s1 dO.

BS476 Part 6; Fire propagation.

Designated Class 0 in accordance with U.K. Building Regulations.


We will issue a Fire Certificate upon request for each project for Insurance, Fire and Building Control Authority and Client Records.


Intumescent Wall Paint is overcoated with the following decorative finishes:

Flame Paint finish - top coatings:

Gloss, Eggshell, Vinyl Silk, Acrylic Eggshell - all BS and RAL Colours. For a RAL Colour Chart Click Here.

Anti-graffiti system - most BS4800 colours.

Metallic Finishes - steel, gunmetal, rust, silver, gold.


Class 1 and Class 0: Apply 1 coat of Intumescent Wall Paint at 7 sq.m. per litre per coat.


Apply 1 coat Intumescent Wall Paint at 10 sq.m. per litre plus either:

1 coat Flame Paint Acrylic Matt at 8 sq. m per litre:


2 coats Flame Paint Acrylic Eggshell at 10 sq.m. per litre:


2 coats Flame Paint Anti-Graffiti or Hygiene Finish at 10 sq.m. per litre.


Max. Relative Humidity 75%. Min. Temperature 6°C. Min. Surface Temperature 3°C above dew point.


Allow a minimum of 4 hours between Intumescent Base coats, 10 hours before applying a Flame Paint finish coat to the last base coat, 4 hours between water based Flame paint finish coats and 12 hours between Gloss coats of Flame Paint finish. Intumescent paints will not withstand high humidity or rainwater - they must be protected with a fully dried top coat before exposure to the elements.


Intumescent Wall and Ceiling Paint is manufactured under the principles of BS 5750/ISO 9000


Intumescent compounds. Intumescent paint resin binders. High opacity pigments.


Intumescent Wall Paints are made within a low odour, water-based system, thus making them user and environmentally friendly.

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