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Help with Building faults - independent, qualified advice fast by phone and E Mail - no site visit required

Our two Surveyors, David Moore and Angela Francis, have jointly spent over 50 years in the Damp Proofing and Timber Preserving Industry, and they are both qualified in Dampness and Timber Surveying.

You can obtain immediate advice as a home owner, purchaser, vendor or Estate Agent without the need for expensive Site visits and travel expenses.

We save you time and money by avoiding expensive, unnecessarily visits to the Property - we can answer your question today.

Tel: 01626 872886


Physical Surveys - independent, qualified Surveyors in your area

We have Specialist Damp and Timber Surveyors all over the UK.

They are all qualified in Dampness and Timber Surveying.

You can obtain details of your nearest Specialist from us.

Tel: 01626 872886


Fees for consulting our Remedial Surveyors - by telephone and E Mail

Introductory chat, 5 minutes allowed - free of charge, for you to present your problem

Follow up chat, 15 minutes allowed - free of charge - after you supply photos, we diagnose your problem and provide a written method of repair

Quarter Hourly Rate - £25.00 plus VAT - after the initial diagnosis you may request more time

Day Rate - £750.00 plus VAT - for large difficult problems, requiring report writing for example, or in extreme cases a Site visit.

Tel: 01626 872886


Fault subjects covered

Dampness - on walls, floors and in the roof.

Mold growth - black mold, white mold, green algae

Condensation - on walls, floors, furniture, windows

Wood rot - wet rot or dry rot in floors, roof timbers, frames

Cracks - in floors and walls

Wall Ties - missing, types, rusting

Plaster - cracking, salting

External Render - cracking, hollowness, salting

Chimneys - dampness in the breasts or alcoves, staining in walls and ceilings

Steps and paths - leakage below, cracking, hollowness

Water leaks - mains water, foul water, surface water

Drains leaks - foul water, surface water

Qualifications of our Remedial Surveyors

C.R.D.S. - Certified Remedial Dampness Surveyor

C.T.I.S. - Certified Timber Infestation Surveyor

Most frequently asked questions

1. Damp - have I got Rising Damp? Do I require a new Damp proof Course?

2. Mold - why can I see Black Mold on my walls

3. Rot - do I have Dry Rot, rather than Wet rot?

4. Wall Ties - I have a Report: do I need new Cavity Ties fitted? Do the old ties need to be removed?

5. Chimney breasts and alcoves - why do I have stained patches on my walls and ceilings?

Testimonials - just a few from 20 years of telephone diagnosis of building faults

Dear David,

I renovate property for a living and am pleased to have found you and all the really useful stuff you do, which is normally difficult to find. I found the paid for advice helpful and will definitely use you again as I encounter problems along the way. I saved a fortune compared with the Specialist quotes that I received from so called experts - keep up the good work.

Best Regards
Henry Pendleton

Dear David,

Your website was a fantastic source of information and you told us exactly what we needed to know for our particular problem. Communication was excellent. Money well spent - I will come back for more paid advice every time in future, rather than waste money on the wrong products as I have in the past.

Many thanks
Natalie Andrews

Dear Angela,

Hi. I was very pleased with your complete service and actions connected to the sale of my property. I have now had the damp problem rectified at a fraction of the cost suggested by various Builders.. A thoroughly good customer experience - thank you. I'd prefer to pay for expert advice with an independent like you - at no time did you try to sell me anything!

Kind regards,

Arthur Dangerfield

Experience of our Remedial Surveyors

David Moore - Managing Director of Midland Damp Proofing, Sales Development Manager for Remtox Chemicals, over 20 years running his own Company, Property Repair Systems.

Angels Francis (nee Workman) - Area Sales Representative for Remtox Chemicals, over 20 years with Property Repair Systems

Property Repair Systems - Members of the P.C.A. - The Property Care Association - the Professional Body that sets the examinations and governs the Remedial Treatment Industry.

Tel: 01626 872886


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Site written by: David Moore

David Moore, B.A. (Hons.), C.T.I.S., C.R.D.S. Technical Author

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